The ContourFive A07 NC 700 CERAMICA is a CNC centre with 5 axis shaping contouring sawing ceramic material.
BRETON SpA has designed the ideal machine for producing large pieces made from ceramic.

ContourFive A07 NC 700 CERAMICA stands out thanks to its performances:

- mobile bridge structure enabling an excellent access to the worktop
- short beam ensuring top rigidity
- "rapid" movements of up to 40 metres/minute
- high-frequency spindle with 20 kW and 14.500 rpm, which can be turned in the space along the 5 axes and controls automatically a saw blade w- max. diameter of the saw blade: 400 mm
- "C" axis rotation: ± 200°
- "A" axis rotation: from 0° to +115°
- "X" axis travel: 3.700 mm
- "Y" axis travel: 2.800 mm
- "Z" axis travel: 700 mm
- possibility of working with saw blades, shaped tools, drills, millers, etc.
- mobile carrousel-type tool-store with 27 cells + 1 (optional) cell for the saw blade
- lathe (optional) for machining both columns and capitals

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