Levibreton KFG320

The Levibreton KFG/320 is a sturdy, well-dimensioned machine designed for grinding and polishing large concrete panels.

This machine takes advantage of the unique and several years experience in designing marble and granite slab polishing machines acquired by Breton over the years.
An electronic reader located in entrance of the machine scans the shape of the panel and identifies any possible opening (for doors, windows etc.) thus making it possible to automatically operate the heads. A spindle integral to the bridge and fitted with a brush, is located at the discharge end of the machine for cleaning the panels after grinding.
The machine is PC controlled through a machine-operator interface providing clear and immediate prompts utilising a windows platform. All information is displayed on a colour touch screen monitor.
The software installed is not only technically advanced, but also user-friendly and easy to learn.

The electrics/electronics are cabled utilising an innovative 'fieldbus' technique which digitises the PC signals sent to the various machine power packs.

The control system manages a number of interesting functions including:
- Belt speed and infeed and discharge roller speed
- Beam speed, acceleration and deceleration ramps
- Correcting any backward 'slippage' in the conveyor belt caused by panels not perfectly flat
- Constant monitoring of wear in the abrasive pads on the heads including screen prompts and pre-alarm function before the tool is completely worn out
- Possibility of excluding the polishing function for a panel or part of a panel
- Production and consumption statistics
- Diagnosis of machine condition and display of activated alarms
- Scheduled maintenance programme with screen prompts

TELEDIAGNOSIS : the machine is provided with a modem for remote connection to Breton. This  telediagnosis feature ensures quick response times to eliminate machine faults or errors.

Breton to customer specifications can also provide the machine with bespoke rollers, infeed and discharge equipment designed for handling large concrete cladding panels.

Our Levibreton KFG/320 machines are provided with an software which permits the operator to personalise all the necessary work parameters for each specific type of panel. These parameters are stored and then simply recalled when required for other similar work orders.


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