Polishing machine for concrete panels

This machine has been designed for grinding and polishing the angles on large concrete panels.

It has been developed exploiting the unique experience the company has acquired over many years in designing machines for polishing marble and granite slabs.
The sturdy machine structure consists of a mobile bridge provided with guides for the sliding of the spindle-holding beam. The entire machine travels on inverter-controlled powered prismatic wheels.

Breton machine for polishing concrete angles

A specially designed tool rotates the concrete angle while the machine polishes its curved surface. The angle can be blocked in a horizontal position allowing the machine to polish the flat surfaces for the entire length of the profile. The three beam-mounted spindles are positioned in robust cast-iron housings and are activated by a pair of pneumatic cylinders to ensure correct vertical spindle travel.
These spindles are pneumatically activated and the working pressure can be adjusted for each separate spindle. Each spindle is also fitted with special abrasive-holding heads and unidirectional shock absorbers.


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