Vaxer machine for concrete cladding panels

This machine has been purposely designed for waxing large-size concrete panels.

It has been developed exploiting the unique experience the company has acquired over many years in designing machines for waxing marble and granite slabs.
The sturdy steel structure provides greater rigidity. The spindle mounted brushes are positioned in robust cast-iron housings and are activated by a pair of pneumatic cylinders to ensure correct vertical spindle travel.
The three stainless steel wax tanks are provided with incorporated level gauges and are of large capacity to guarantee continuous operation for a number of hours. These three tanks can be filled with different types of wax as they are independent to one another and operate one at a time.
Machine control and management is very simple: the operator adjusts the width of the panels and the timers which control wax dosage.
The wax tanks are mounted at the front of the machine for easy access for topping up and filling operations.

Breton automatic waxer for large concrete cladding panels

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