Levibreton ONE - Single-spindle dressing machine with mobile bridge, for marble, granite, sandstone, and limestone slabs

 A simple, robust and high-performing machine

Levibreton ONE is a simple and robust polishing machined designed for polishing granite, marble and engineered stone slabs.   It mounts just one powerful 15Kw head which travels along the mobile bridge ensuring maximum honing / polishing tool performance. It is fitted with a very simple touch-screen control panel ideal for inexperienced operators.


The honing – polishing group in cast iron is specifically designed to ensure structural rigidity at a limited weight  offering greater system dynamics. The 15kw power ensures maximum honing-polishing tool performance for any material.

The spindle raising and lowering system is balanced  thanks to a pair of pistons with protected internal rods.

Automatic machine polishing programmes

1 – simple alternating movement

2 – staggered transverse movement

3 – staggered vertical movement

4 – contouring movement

5 – staggered criss-cross movement

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