1 - Digital photograph of the slab, filing of the slab file and attribution of a bar code for identification on a stick-on label (video 01)

2 - Storage of the stack of slabs in the storehouse by means of a travelling lift (video 02)

3 - Pick-up of the slab to be processed and labelling of the pieces to be produced on the slab surface (video 03)

4 - Transfer of the slab to the "Combicut" for the semifinished product cutting (video 04)

5 - Cutting of the slab on the "Combicut" (video 05)

6 - Polishing of the edge on the "PlatinumEdge" (video 06)

7 - Finishing of the kitchen top on the "Contourbreton NC DUAL" (video 07)

Autom.plants with multi-level stores

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