Breton FabMaster Pro

"Breton FabMaster Pro" is the complete and automatic solution for workshops producing kitchen tops, vanity tops, etc. The whole production process can be planned and organized efficiently from the design phase up to the complete control of all the production stages. Materials, job orders, machining programs, are all activities which are managed from a single spot and are then allotted to the individual production units.

Modules composing the software

Module for the management of production

This module includes a specific software (to be installed on a suitable PC or Notebook of the customer) enabling:

• To decide the real production course (working phases) on the respective linked machine, for each single piece to be produced; the optimal sequence is automatically proposed by the system according to the single machining operations which must be carried out on each individual piece

• The managing of different job orders which can also be batched, thus creating production lots (batches divided by type of material, thickness, customer, delivery date, etc.), which helps to optimize the material consumption

• The stored slabs which fit better the realization of the piece to be machined

• The arranging of single pieces to be produced on the slabs in the warehouse, checking thoroughly for any possible collision with the cutting tools. While pieces move on the slab, it is possible to display the real “rendering” of the final project, giving special attention to both the material veins and single particulars, such as the edge machining, rabbeted slots, backsplash, etc.

• The automatic generating of the CNC machine working programs starting from the unfinished cut piece, through an interface with the CAD/CAM of the machine (not included in the supply)

• The sending of the working programs to the single machines which will perform them automatically by reading the bar code of the piece

• Ensuring the production traceability of the single pieces so as to know the real progress of the order. Along with the manual working phases, as well as phases that are shown on operating units but cannot be interfaced with the system. These can be monitored through the installation of “ControlPoints” (PC stations with bar code reader). On each individual production unit, it is possible to decide if the machining has been carried out properly, or if the piece must be machined again, while sending the information to the production manager.


• Increase productivity

• Automatically generate in the office work programsfor the various machines based on the stonework to produce

• Constantly monitor work orders in progress

• Optimize slabs to be cut

• Warehouse management semi-of raw materials

• Warehouse management of raw materials and semi-finished products (only PRO version)

• Identify each single workpiece (only PRO version)

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