Masterbreton HG

Machine for sawing granite blocks into slabs.
The range includes four versions: HG 375, HG 475, HG 525 and HG 650 featuring a useful cutting width of 3.500, 4.500, 5250 and 6.500 mm, respectively.
This saw is safe for the operator and user-friendly.
The draw bench of the saw-frame, on the connecting-rod side, features a recess to accommodate the special, Breton patented, C-shaped tensioning-rods.
The connecting-rod, made from normalized steel, does not require any length adjustment during the saw-frame descent.
The saw is reliable, doesn’t need to be serviced and features an outstanding cutting accuracy.
A device checks, by means of four sensors (one for each screw), the synchronization of the rais-ing/lowering of the pendulum-holding slides, and it stops the machine movement when the allowed lag threshold is exceeded.
The control system through Personal Computer with user interface operating in a Windows envi-ronment is extremely clear, immediate and user-friendly thanks to the "touch screen" technology.
Furthermore, the Personal Computer makes it possible to gather and organize a series of statisti-cal data relating to both the production and the machine performance.
The following accessory should be noted:
Automated system Mod. "GEST/2" and "Breton Fluid Controller" which control the machine func-tions through an electronic station.

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