Portal block saw "ORTOBRETON Mod 4EG/800-SFO or 4EG/1100-SFO” for granite

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Block saw for cutting granite blocks into strips using a set of vertical blades mounted in a pack, and one horizontal blade working at the same time of the vertical blades.

The tool advances during the cut, while repositioning for successive cuts is performed by moving the block-holding platform.
The blade pack is 800 or 1.100 mm long (according to the model) and can be composed of up to 45 or 60 blades, respectively.
The max. diameter of the blades is 1.600 mm.

The control system through Personal Computer with user interface operating in a Windows envi-ronment is extremely clear, immediate and user-friendly thanks to the "touch screen" technology.

Furthermore, the Personal Computer makes it possible to gather and organize a series of statisti-cal data relating to both the production and the machine performance.

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