Numerical control bridge saw with revolving head and fixed, single-piece worktable that needs no foundations



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Breton Worthy becomes Optima

No more foundations!

The machine needs no foundations: it is simply ground-fixed.

The advantages are: machine rapid starting, foundation cost saving and transport easiness since, in the future, you may move your machine wherever you desire, both rapidly and economically.


The machine is operated by a software within everyone’s reach, displayed on a touch-screen video and equipped with a control console with joysticks to move the different work axes in an intuitive way.


360° revolving head

The cutting spindle revolves by 360° around its axis, while the worktable remains fixed. The advantage is both a matchless cutting accuracy and speed and a machine featuring smaller sizes.

Laser tracer

Laser tracer to display the cutting directions.


Inclined disk

The disk can be manually inclined in any position, from 0° to 90°, to perform inclined cuts, both in the plunge-cut and step-cut mode.


Tilting table

On request, the worktable table can be tilting.

Anything you want to know about Worthy

Breton Worthy - CNC bridge saw with rotating head and fixed workbench. No foundations!

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