Easycut FE 800 - stone bridge saw

Simple, precise and sturdy stone bridge saw, ideal for the most frequent processing.
Equipped with ø 800mm circular blade, manually inclinable in any position from 0° to 90°, with possibility of step-cutting, even inclined.
User interface with keyboard on a mobile arm and lined display for control, command and programming.

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Distinguishing constructive characteristics

The performances of the Easycut FE 800 are further enhanced by:
- Cast-iron bridge and spindle carriage to insure rigidity and dampen vibrations, thus guaranteeing the maximum accuracy and life of the tools.
- Movement of the bridge along the runways by means of rolling elements to allow for the maximum displacement speed and therefore a higher productivity.
- Displacement of the spindle carriage along the bridge by means of prismatic guides in an oil bath that assure extreme precision and rigidity.
- Vertical movement of the spindle on prismatic guides with bronze-lined gibs to adjust the play.
- Movements of the bridge and the spindle carriage by means of a pinion meshed to a precision rack so as to guarantee the highest operation reliability.
- Protection and lubrication of all guides.
- Spindle inclination from 0° to 90° with possibility of step-cutting. The 25 kW spindle motor and the rugged mechanical structure allow the Easycut FE 800 to easily cut even thick materials in a single passage

The control unit

The control unit of the Easycut FE 800, equipped with display, performs the function of command/ control console that enables the operator to program the operations within and out of the work area. The machine is supplied with a convenient portable push-button control panel to facilitate the worktable rotation and the Y axes movement.

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