EASYWIRE 4WD - Mono-wire machine

Machine used to square blocks and cut slabs (even thick slabs) of granite by means of a diamond wire. Conforming to the 2006/42/CE Machinery Directive.

-Heavy-duty, heat treated arc-welded steel structure ensuring the maximum stiffness of the system and cutting precision of the machine.
-The machine structure slides on rails by means of two asynchronous motors, which transmit the motion to pinions meshing racks through reduction gears.
-2 opposite carts, which slide vertically on the columns of the support structure for the vertical motion of the cutting wire. The carts support the components for the wire motion and stretching, and are moved vertically by screw/nut screw mechanisms, which are controlled by asynchronous motor.

-Driving pulley for wire rotation. The wire is actuated with a belt drive, by an inverter controlled asynchronous motor that manages the wire peripheral speed according to the material to be sawn.
-Wire stretching pulley, which is kept constantly under tension by a pneumatic cylinder.
-2 independent driven pulleys
-2 pulleys whose function is to drive the wire next to the point where it gets into, and comes out from, the block to be sawn.

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