Paragon - The new multiwire machine designed and built in Breton

Paragon is the new multiwire machine entirely designed and built in Breton and is the result of all the experience and know how acquired after installing over 200 Breton/Bidese multiwire machines all over the world. In the multiwire sector, our Paragon has become a “model of excellence”.

Paragon's key features

Isosceles triangular wire geometry with just five transmission (drums/pulleys), the minimum number compatible with the necessary presence of the wire driving drums.

All the drums, including the wire stretching pulleys, have a diameter of 1.000 mm.

Adjustable wire driving drums with motor-driven movement so as to be always close to the block.

Designed to maximize the operator ergonomic comfort:
• Easy access to the machine with practical staircases and gangways
• Fast and easy wire change and positioning
• Immediate and intuitive operator interface of the touch screen for machine management

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Wire driving drums

Breton patented the independent, motorized positioning of the two wires driving drums, available as an option. Each wire driving drum can get as close to the block as 60 cm, therefore they can be positioned nearest the block. This means that:
- the cutting quality is always the best
- the down feed is always the fastest

Multiwire Breton PARAGON family grows


The new Breton PARAGON started cutting blocks

Paragon - The new multiwire machine designed and built in Breton

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