Chamferingbreton BC - Rectifying and chamfering lines for marble and granite tiles

Machine to rectify edges and to chamfer marble and granite tiles of various dimensions and thickness. The machine is composed of two operating sections: each section rectifies one side of the tile and chamfers two opposed edges.


BC 60/004 0 calibrating 4 chamfering
BC 60/204 2 calibrating 4 chamfering
BC 60/304 3 calibrating 4 chamfering
BC 60/208 2 calibrating 8 chamfering
BC 60/308 3 calibrating 8 chamfering
BC 60/408 4 calibrating 8 chamfering

Chamfering spindles

The chamfering spindles are extremely sturdy and precise in order to eliminate any possible vibration during the work cycle that could damage the finish quality.Contrary to the rectifying spindles, the chamfering units work with pneumatic pressure, and each spindle is independently operated. Variation in the depth of the chamfer is obtained by varying the working pressure. The chamfering units can be equipped with either abrasive wheels or diamond milling tools; furthermore, they can be turned outwards to make the tool change easier and faster. The number of rectifying and chamfering spindles is determined by the production requirements.

Rapid motorized adjustment of the working width

Each rectifying/chamfering unit is equipped with its own material advancement system, which is composed of a pair of continuous timing belts with rectified edges and anti-slip cover, powered by a
variable speed drive.When the tile size changes, the line has to be repositioned with respect to the new working width. To facilitate this, the two operating units are formedby two benches, which are opposed lengthwise to the working direction.
Each bench supports one of the driving belts and the spindles on one side of the machine. The two benches are equipped with a transversal displacement system on chromium-plated guides, which adjusts either the driving belts or the rectifyingchamfering spindles to the working width in a selfcentering fashion.The cinematic motion is protected by bellows. The whole protection system is simultaneously adjusted to the new tile size.


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Rectifying spindles

Chamfering machine for marble and granite

The tile squaring is carried out by means of highprecision, powerful (4kW) rectifying spindles, which are equipped with a large-diameter diamond milling tool. The spindles, perfectly water-tight, move on guides protected in an oil bath, and are adjustable to decimal precision by means of a hand-wheel. To adjust the position of the spindles according to the consumption of the diamond milling tools, it is sufficient to operate the manual hand-wheel, which is equipped with a reading scale to make the adjustment easier and faster. Furthermore, each spindle comes complete with an ammeter. The powerful rectifying spindles guarantee high removal capacity and cutting accuracy.

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