Waxer machine LUXBRETON CGA200/4

Machine for waxing marble and granite workpieces.


The structure of the monobloc steel frame gives the machine a considerable rigidity. The brush-holding spindles are lodged inside cast-iron housings and are singularly controlled by a pair of pneumatic pistons to insure their smooth raise/lower.


The 3 stainless steel wax reservoirs, equipped with level gauges, have a full 3.5 lt. capacity each, guaranteeing a working autonomy of around 180/350 m2 of granite slabs. The 3 reservoirs can be filled with different waxes as they work independently.


The machine does not require any particular control: it is sufficient to adjust the width of the slabs under working and set the timers that control the wax metering.
The wax reservoirs are mounted in a frontal position, easily accessible to the operator for topping off operations.

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