Levibreton KGC3000

Machine for levelling granite or marble slabs, moving on a conveyor belt, using a series of diamond tools.
This machine is based on a revolutionary processing concept, covered by Breton patent, which employs calibrating spindles with double motorization: in each spindle, the first motor provides the low-speed rotation of the roller-holding head, while the second motor provides the high-speed rotation of six radial rollers equipped with diamond tools.

This new technology offers the following advantages:

· perfect surface levelling;
· "fine-honed" surface finish, which makes it possible to reduce the number of the following level-ling units, and consequently, the dressing costs.

The PLC-controlled device registering the thickness of the slabs feeding the machine (in lots of 10-20 pieces), as well as the spindle automatic positioning device can be supplied on request.

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