Levibreton KGS3000

Machine to grind and polish granite slabs with max. thickness of 210 mm.
It is produced in two versions: KGS 3000/013 and KGS 3000/021, equipped with 13 and 21 spin-dles, respectively.
The max. speed of the mobile beam is 60 metres/minute.
The dressing/polishing spindles are equipped with oil conservator and level indicator connected to the heads with lubrication in an oil bath.
Each spindle is driven by a 15 kW motor.
450 mm diameter Breton special heads with 6 diamond rollers or special Breton heads with 6 os-cillating diamond/abrasive bricks can be installed.
The electronic devices Mod. C.E.A., installed on each individual spindle, perform the continuous automatic control of the abrasive consumption.
The control system through Personal Computer with user interface operating in a Windows envi-ronment is extremely clear, immediate and user-friendly thanks to the "touch screen" technology.
Furthermore, the Personal Computer makes it possible to gather and organize a series of statisti-cal data relating to both the production and the machine performance.
On request, Breton supplies a device adjusting the work pressure of each single spindle which can be programmed on the touch-screen PC and performed by means of pneumatic metering valves directly controlled by the CNC.

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