TITAN - Powerful 5-axis vertical machining centres for milling superalloys, special alloys and steel

TITAN is a highly dynamic 5 interpolated axis vertical machining centre with a moving portal making it the perfect solution for high-speed machining of  “big parts”  made of titanium, superalloys, high alloy steel

This vertical machining centre is designed for machining complex 3-D workpieces which require various operations as milling, boring and tapping satisfying the production requirements across a broad range of applications in the aeronautical, energy, die manufacturing and precision engineering industries.

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Thanks to its large table, structure rigidity and extensive working travels, TITAN can be used either with just one operating area or for hunting machining, with a linear axis working speed of 40m/min, while 60m/min can be achieved when working in the quick mode.

The twist head with "C axis rotating at ± 270°, "A" axis rotating from 0° to +135°, power of 100 kW, torque of 1.000 Nm (in S1 duty) and rotation speed up to 100 rpm, enable TITAN to perform rapidly the most complex machining operations, working simultaneously on the three dimensions with an extremely user-friendly programming.

Thanks to the "A" axis rotating up to +135°, these machines can easily perform very demanding operations with the same workpiece positioning.

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