XCEEDER MICRON - continuous 5-axis cnc high-speed vertical machining centre, the ideal solution for milling medium size workpieces in superalloys, steel, aluminium and engineered materials.

Offers high-speed and precision continuous 5-axis cnc machining.

Xceeder Micron, part of the Breton Xceeder range, is a 5-axis continuous machining centre designed and developed for high-speed and precision milling operations for small to medium size complex workpieces.
This machining centre was developed to satisfy the most demanding production requirements across a broad range of industrial applications as the  aerospace industry, precision engineering and die manufacturing which all require high-precision and superior quality finishes. This machine  eliminates time consuming  complex machining processes and hand finishing operations.  The gantry structure, Metalquartz technology and rotary tilting  table with direct drive are significant and important features of this machining centre.

The thermal symmetry of the machine structure and the heat monitoring and  component thermal stabilising systems  guarantee maximum precision when operating at high speeds in varying production conditions.  To ensure maximum machining precision a specific software compensates thermal expansion or drifts in the electrospindles when the type of machining process varies. 


The linear axes travel on recirculating roller guides driven by precision  ground recirculating ball screw assemblies with controlled preloaded (class ISO 1) double ball nuts. Axis position is controlled by an optical gauge with a 0.1 μm resolution.  Milling speed reaches 50m/min with accelerations of 6m/sec2.  The rotary tilting table with direct drive offers maximum milling precision and performance for 5-axis machining operations.


The work area of the Xceeder 900RT has been maximised to offer improved machining performance with increased axis travel  - 900mm X – 900mm Y and 600mm Z -. This machining centre mounts a rotary tilting table which incorporates direct drive technology and has a diameter of 800mm, continuous axis C and axis A with a +100° to -30° rotation and rotation speed of up to 100 rpm. This model is designed to machine  workpieces with weights up to 1,000kg.  


Xceeder 1200 RTHD offers an improved work area measuring  X axis 1,200mmm,   Y axis 1,000mm and Z axis 700mm .  This machining centre mounts a rotary tilting table which incorporates direct drive technology and has  a diameter of 1,100mm,  continuous axis C and axis A with a +120° to -30° rotation, rotation speed reaches  up to 60 rpm. This model  is designed to machine  workpieces with weights of up to 1,700 kg.


The machining centre is supplied with three different electrospindles which incorporate a heat control system:  a 40kW spindle with a 100Nm torque in S1 and a rotational speed of 18,000 rpm; a second 20 kW spindle with a 38 Nm torque in S1 with a rotational speed of up to 28,000 rpm; a 40 kW spindle designed and developed for precision finishing and machining aluminium  and composite materials with a rotational speed of up to 40,000 rpm.
This machining centre can be supplied with a tool magazine for holding 30, 60 or one hundred tools.

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