Multibreton DX - Multiple head cut-off machine for marble and granite

The Multibreton DX is a cross-cutting machine for marble and granite strips.
The Multibreton DX machine is produced on several models and is designed for mounting up to three independent spindle units powered by 7,5 kW each.
On request, the Multibreton DX machine can be equipped with a protection shield according to the
EEC standards.
The control of the machine is readily actuated from a push button panel located at one end of the machine in an easy and safe position away from water and processing humidity.
A waterproof cabinet contains all the electrical control devices of the machine.

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The spindle units

The spindles of the Multibreton DX machine are individual working units powered by a 7,5 kW motor. One spindle unit remains fixed whilst the other ones can be adjusted on the spindle-holding bridge.
The spindle units slide along the bridge on special guides in an oil bath protected by a water-labyrinth
covers. The extremely precise positioning of the spindle units on the bridge is performed manually; a graduated scale equipped with magnifying lens indicates the height of each spindle. On request, the machine can be supplied with motorized sequential adjustment of the spindles with control from a push button panel. After the spindles have been positioned, they are locked in place by a hydraulic mechanism. Each spindle unit can be excluded vertically by a pneumatic device. During the bridge return cycle, when the cut has been performed, all the spindle units are automatically excluded in height so that the diamond blades do not pass again through the same kerf.

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