Waterjet Classica

Numerical control, 3- or 5-axis water jet saw to cut marble, ceramic, granite and engineered stone

Waterjet Corporation is the well-known Italian company that has, since 1991, been producing waterjet cutting machines used in the stone and metal machining fields, the latter being an industry which requires top performances and precision.

Breton, in order to complete its range of machines for natural and engineered stone processing fabshops, entered into a cooperation agreement with Waterjet Corporation granting exclusive rights for distribution of their cutting machines, all of which are precise, powerful, fast and equipped with a pump of up to 6200 bar (option).

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The exclusive 3D and 2D Bevel cutting system uses an automatically positioned touch probe to maintain constant distance from the nozzle AUTOMATICALLY, thus protecting the nozzle during plane cutting with ± 69° interpolated tilt or with I.T.C. technology.


The EDGE 5 model system with 5 interpolated axes for controlling taper and 2D ±55° inclined cutting is ideal for inclined cutting, required, for instance, to obtain 45° grooves.

Touch probe system for accurate positioning of Z axis to obtain flawless grooves. The I.T.C.™ system is included in the package.


Hexagon automatic calibration system: optional accessory that facilitates user calibration of the cutting head thanks to an automatic calibration program installed directly on the CNC.

 Waterjet CLASSICA - Numerical control, 3 or 5-axis water jet saw to cut marble, ceramic, granite and engineered stone



 Waterjet CLASSICA 5 axis



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