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BretonStone Eterial CK, the new panel designed to be coupled with super-thin ceramic slabs

BretonStone Eterial CK is the super-light, eco-sustainable panel ideal for bio-construction and with multiple applications.
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The slab cutting process is a complex activity: every single operation has to be optimized to create value.
Breton proposes Combi to evolve the slab cutting process: the following 10 reasons explain why your ceramic slab cutting process will enhance with Breton Combi.
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Breton DOCMobile, all the tech documentation in a tap

DOCMobile is the app that makes possible consulting technical documentation alongside the machine on a tablet or smartphone. Thanks to the QR code unlocking system, the documentation is safe against any possible unauthorized disclosure attempts.
Try the demo.
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SmartDOC, the smart way to find and safely share any technical contents

Thanks to Breton SmartDOC the whole technical documentation is available anywhere, anytime, always updated.
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Genya is smarter with Smart Pack

Breton, aware about the current challenges, intends to concretely support the reactivation of its partners' business.
For this reason, from today until next December 31st, 2020, Breton includes the SMART PACK in the purchase of GENYA, the monoblock 5 axis machining center for cutting, drilling and finishing slabs.

SMART PACK enables companies to quickly reactivate the complete processing of slabs into finished products while overcoming, at the same time, the health restrictions due to the presence of workers in the same place at the same time.
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Breton confirms its pioneer instinct with Combi

After inventing the combined disk&waterjet cut 15 years ago, Breton develops the revolutionary Combi.

Breton Combi is the new monoblock 5-axis combined disk&waterjet slab cutting center, able to perform a wide range of slab processing operations.
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Breton, international leader in the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art industrial machines and plants, originates from the passion, ambition and creativity of Marcello Toncelli, its founder.

Throughout the years Breton keeps on developing advanced technologies and solutions that radically changed the way of manufacturing materials for building and interior designing.
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Tecnema is merged in Breton spa

Breton spa has completed the merger process to incorporate Tecnema
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Huracan, the innovative cutting line with pre-cutting and chamfering for ceramic materials

The machine for cutting maxi format slabs down to the sizes required for clients’ environments and managing veined materials in a unique manner
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Matting line, a new process reinforces the structure of ceramic slabs

The ceramics market calls for increasingly large slabs of reduced thickness for a variety of different applications.
Therefore, it becomes especially important to reinforce their structure, to prevent both possible collapses and dangerous detachments of fragments.
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Ghibli, cutting-edge technical solutions for squaring operations on large formats

Technological change brings the chance to implement increasingly automated and performant solutions that can mitigate the efforts of specialized operators.
With the new Ghibli automatic dry-squaring machine, the Tecnema Breton Group taps into change by offering the ceramic industry an automatic and technologically advanced visionary system that meets today the needs of tomorrow.
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How to solve the ghost stains problem on ceramic slabs

The solution proposed by Breton to aesthetic degradations - also known as “ghost stains” - caused by the impurities that make the slab surface sensitive to environmental conditions and deteriorate the honing/lapping effect is a new all-in-one approach called Integrex.
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Luxmaster KGP, how to improve lapping operations on ceramic slabs

The Breton lapping lines can ensure flexibility in production, uniform and top quality treatments, as well as reduced and predictable operating and maintenance cost.
The enduring value of these lines is clearly evidenced by the high prices that used machines fetch on the market.
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Ceramic slab machining and processing: cutting

The growing use of large-size ceramic slabs and panels in the furniture sector has proceeded in step with the development of increasingly high-performance technologies
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Your miters will always be easy and accurate with MiterWave

The hardware/software package that can perform highly accurate 45° cuts even on non-flat slabs
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