Breton S.p.A., world leader in technological innovation, originates from the energy and creativity of Marcello Toncelli, its founder.
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Huracan, the innovative cutting line with pre-cutting and chamfering for ceramic materials

The machine for cutting maxi format slabs down to the sizes required for clients’ environments and managing veined materials in a unique manner
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A new approach to managing your slabs store: Breton by Mistrello

Ever smarter slab stores, extreme levels of automation, maximum workplace safety levels and space optimisation are emerging requirements also in the ceramics industry.
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Matting line, a new process reinforces the structure of ceramic slabs

The ceramics market calls for increasingly large slabs of reduced thickness for a variety of different applications.
Therefore, it becomes especially important to reinforce their structure, to prevent both possible collapses and dangerous detachments of fragments.
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How to solve the ghost stains problem on ceramic slabs

The solution proposed by Breton to aesthetic degradations - also known as “ghost stains” - caused by the impurities that make the slab surface sensitive to environmental conditions and deteriorate the honing/lapping effect is a new all-in-one approach called Integrex.
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Luxmaster KGP, how to improve lapping operations on ceramic slabs

The Breton lapping lines can ensure flexibility in production, uniform and top quality treatments, as well as reduced and predictable operating and maintenance cost.
The enduring value of these lines is clearly evidenced by the high prices that used machines fetch on the market
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Ceramic slab machining and processing: cutting

The growing use of large-size ceramic slabs and panels in the furniture sector has proceeded in step with the development of increasingly high-performance technologies
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Your miters will always be easy and accurate with MiterWave

The hardware/software package that can perform highly accurate 45° cuts even on non-flat slabs
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