Cutting-edge technical solutions in large size tile squaring

4 April, 2019
The needs of ceramic companies the world over are changing rapidly in step with the growing adoption of technology for the production of large ceramic slabs in sizes up to 1800x3600 mm. This new wave of technological innovation offers an opportunity to adopt more automated solutions that reduce the need for specialist manpower.
Tecnema Breton Group has risen to the challenge by developing its new Ghibli dry automatic squaring machine, an automatic cutting-edge solution that caters for the ceramic industry’s present and future needs.
The key strengths of this new technology lie in its uncompromising mechanical and electronic systems.
Each module features PLC control of the drives and the centring and squaring device motors.
The spindles
One of the machine’s most innovative aspects is its use of inverter-driven calibrating and chamfering spindles with SCT (Small Chip Thickness) high-speed removal technology. This reduces heat generation in the tool-material contact zone as it operates at very low temperatures (30-32°C) without the need for cooling devices. This new technology allows for superior heat exchange (around 35% higher performance than traditional spindles) and a significant reduction in energy consumption. Tecnema spindles come with a 100% warranty for a period of two years of continuous operation over 2 work shifts.
Calibre control and size change
A second key aspect of innovation is automatic grinding wheel wear compensation and continuous tile calibre control performed directly from the operator panel without having to stop the machine.
This fully automatic and patented technology allows all the machine’s grinding wheels to be set with a high degree of precision in just a few minutes by using lasers to measure the absolute position of each tool.
This ensures uniform and consistent operation of all spindles.
Another important aspect is the size change system, which allows size changing to be performed in just a few minutes with automatic setting of the desired tile dimensions and tool positioning according to the required degree of material removal.
Moreover, the tool position control function allows for operation at maximum production speed in conditions of perfect equilibrium and minimum pressure of the motorised belt pressing devices, thereby limiting wear on the conveyor belts.
Two of the most important features of the Ghibli machine are the lateral centring units and calibre control, which allow the tile dimensions to be kept constantly within the pre-set tolerance range without the need for operator intervention.
Sensors are installed at the machine entrance to control the tile integrity by identifying damaged products and automatically stopping grinding operation in the event of a malfunction.
Finally, the automatic 90° positioning of the material at the entrance to the second grinding module allows for automatic and totally precise control and measurement of the diagonals thanks to the independent pusher patented by Tecnema Breton Group.
Unlike traditional processes, the technologies and automated control systems used by Tecnema guarantee very high first-class quality yields, allowing the tools to be fully exploited and bringing a drastic reduction in production costs.
Following years of work developing and improving grinding machines, the Tecnema Breton team has now truly come of age in the ceramic end-of-line segment, offering ceramic slab producers a complete package that sets new quality standards.
The group’s future development strategy is to remain constantly at the cutting edge of innovation with solutions that deliver the highest levels of performance in the production process.

Tecnema Breton Group will be exhibiting its latest products at Coverings 2019 (Hall A, booth 4278).


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