Breton, international leader in the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art industrial machines and plants, originates from the passion, ambition and creativity of Marcello Toncelli, its founder.

Throughout the years Breton keeps on developing advanced technologies and solutions that radically changed the way of manufacturing materials for building and interior designing.
Nowadays, the company is focused on ceramic and brick industries: thanks to the combination of Breton proven and renowned expertise with Tecnema know-how, the group can now offer a complete range of end-line solutions:
Advanced software solutions for ceramic and brick smart industry 4.0
Data and energy are the keywords for the smart manufacturing of slabs, tiles and bricks.
Collecting and analyzing data in the correct way allows funneling energy to high value activities.
Breton offers its customers smart software solutions to:
  • control both complete lines and single machines;
  • improve processes and products;
  • manage information properly.
>> Breton Skynet
>> Breton Vein Matching
>> Breton XpressTop
>> Breton Sentinel
>> Breton SmartDOC

Complete systems for ceramic slab surface treatment
Simplify complexity is Breton main motto.
The flatness, the brightness and the long life quality of a slab surface can be realized thanks to different processes.
Breton has designed an all-in-one solution to smartly manage all of them.

>> Breton Integrex

Dry squaring lines for ceramic slabs and tiles
High precision combined with high productivity is what Breton guarantees with its smart dry squaring lines.
Manufacturing perfectly squared slabs or tiles in a lights-out factory is now a reality thanks to Breton solutions.

>> Breton Ghibli

Complete lines for manufacturing samples, mosaics, skirting tiles or special pieces
Automatizing is the target that Breton has set in the manufacturing of special pieces, such as samples, mosaics, skirting tiles or tile steps.
Automatizing allows flexibility and efficiency:
  • being able to just-in-time manufacture;
  • improving the product quality through the high control;
  • increasing the revenue thanks to the direct channel with the final user.
>> Samples Line
>> Mosaic Line
>> Skirting Tile Line

Contouring and cutting centers for ceramic slabs and tiles
All-in-one is the keyword to support what ceramic manufacturers need.
Breton has succeeded in combining manufacturing flexibility and footprint area: ceramic manufacturers now are able to automatically cut, bevel, contour, drill or engrave with unique space-saving and advanced solutions.

>> Breton Genya
>> Breton Combi
>> Breton Hurracan
>> Contourbreton NC 300 EVO

Slab storing and handling solutions
Preserving is the mantra that Breton follows.
Preserving space, preserving time, preserving slabs, preserving workers’ safety, preserving money - in one word – preserving business is what you get with the automatic slab warehousing system offered by Breton.

>> Breton by Mistrello

Bricks processing lines
There’s a different way to set up bricks, bricks slips or corners for the next applicaton on site: the way designed by Breton.
What you need, how you want, when it is necessary: autonomy and flexibility are the main benefits of Breton’s bricks processing lines

>> Facing bricks slips and corners line
>> Bricks Dry rectifying line


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