How to solve the ghost stains problem on ceramic slabs

The solution proposed by Breton to aesthetic degradations - also known as “ghost stains” - caused by the impurities that make the slab surface sensitive to environmental conditions and deteriorate the honing/lapping effect is a new all-in-one approach called Integrex.
Integrex allows managing the several types of surface treatments with the purpose of improving both the appearance of the ceramic slabs and their duration.
With current techniques, surface porosities are sealed and then the surface is polished using products that may or not require application by means of pressure or surface heating processes.
Integrex therefore extends treatment versatility and productivity with a limited footprint on the production floor.
Depending on the specific needs, each treatment process variable may be managed and customized:
  • differentiate rotational speed among the several tool heads;
  • adjust the position of each spindle with decimal accuracy thanks to the “Soft Landing” device;
  • scale, store and recall the pressure on each spindle;
  • reduce the pressure induced by the weight of each head thanks to the independent digital control operating with a pneumatic counterpressure device;
  • adjust the treatment application effectiveness on the slab thanks to the digital ammeter fitted to each spindle to check motor absorption;
  • differentiate the trajectory of the heads on the slab thanks to the unique Tango system, to improve the distribution and laying of the products to be applied to the slab surface;
  • the unique Tango system also ensures the traverse bridge moves smoothly both in acceleration and deceleration, to prevent product haze;
  • select the types of heads - spatulas or satellites - in order to use different types of tools and processes;
  • pressurize the heads and preserve them from contaminants, reduce their maintenance requirements and extend their life cycle;
  • manage recipes based on materials, thanks to the specifically designed and developed software.


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