Huracan, the innovative cutting line with pre-cutting and chamfering for ceramic materials

Stratos, a Fiorano Modenese based company specialised in processing and finishing ceramic slabs for the interior decor and design sector, has chosen this machine for its structural robustness and high power (indispensable in order to cut slabs quickly and accurately), and also for its flexibility - an essential requirement in order to cut maxi format slabs down to the sizes required for clients’ environments, also with the possibility of managing veined materials in a unique manner.
Ability to cut and chamfer the side edge at the same time
Another unique and patented feature of the machine is its ability to cut and chamfer the side edge at the same time and on the same machine, since it is equipped (in the Edge version) with a special chamfering spindle in line with the cutting spindle which, thanks to a slab profile tracking device, executes the chamfer or a pre-cut, if required, with the slab still intact.
Optical systems to read the slab perimeter and surface
A Huracan is equipped with optical systems to read the slab perimeter and surface and also cutting layout optimisation software designed to minimise waste.
Suction cups pick-up system
Cutting optimization is enabled by a set of lifting suction cups that move the workpieces to the machine table to perform the programmed cutting pattern.
Other features
The system is mounted to fabricated steel shoulders or on concrete foundations; it can be equipped with automatic tool diameter monitoring and aligners to assure square positioning of pre-machined slabs (i.e. slabs on which the perimeter has been trimmed before they are placed in storage pending downstream machining operations).
Automatic advanced nesting
The system software allows optimized and efficient use of the slab surface area: the software offers different solutions for positioning and cutting the available surface area in accordance with the number of parts required and the required tile dimensions.
The slab usage percentage is shown for each solution, both in total, and subdivided into work orders, allowing the operator to select the best solution; the operator can also override the proposed cutting layout by selecting the manual nesting option.


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