Matting line, a new process reinforces the structure of ceramic slabs

The ceramics market calls for increasingly large slabs of reduced thickness for a variety of different applications.
Therefore, it becomes especially important to reinforce their structure, to prevent both possible collapses and dangerous detachments of fragments.
To meet this need, Breton has developed an innovative line to glue mats with epoxy resin.
To bond the mat correctly to the surface the process must provide for uniform application of polyurethane resin, placement of the mat on the resin coated surface and, finally, pressing of the mat onto the slab.
The line performs the complete processing cycle, from slabs loading to unloading, without human intervention.
Slab load and unload
Line loading and unloading is carried out according to possible different slab storage methods: in fact, the robots placed at the beginning and at the end of the line allow placing them on pallets or A-frames, both horizontally and vertically.
Multiple work table cleaning phases
To further enhance the quality of the reinforcing treatment and ensure the highest standards, the process includes multiple work table cleaning phases: from brushing when out of the oven to the application of a protective film that preservers the lower surface of the slabs while moved on the conveyor.
Hot pressing: a special innovation
The final phases of the process include a special innovation that allow achieving higher uniformity and quality yield on the one side, and, reducing the time required for such treatment on the other.

Notably, the mat previously laid, aligned and glued to the slab initially undergoes hot pressing, which accelerates its catalysis; it is then gradually cooled by passing under a set of fans to accelerate its availability for possible subsequent processes.


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