Automatic storing and handling solutions for ceramic slabs

Main features

  • Minimum surface area required to install a storage system of this type is 26 m2, which provides capacity of 145 slabs (single slab size of 3500x2200x20 mm)
  • Highly customisable automation level: from semi-automatic storage systems to super automated versions with very little need for the presence of operators

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  1. increased storage capacity
  2. reduced cost of the area to be used for the slabs store
  3. improvement of the safety conditions for personnel
  4. reduction of labour costs
  5. increased productivity of plants

For more details see the catalogue here >


Set up now your automatic slab warehouse: it's easy!
  1. Insert the available area or the number and type of the slabs you want to store
  2. Choose the version among the available ones
  3. Discover all the details about the version you have choosen, price included
  4. Ask for more information to the customer care
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