Contourbreton NC300 EVO is the 4 axis contouring center specific for kitchen top production.               Contoubreton NC 300 Rotary with rotary double work bench

Main features

  • wide travels, safety & accessibility
  • strong electro-welded structure for any kind of machining
  • driven by Siemens brushless motors
  • work table in Metalquartz ®
  • high performance vacuuming system
  • tool cooling with internal and external water supply
  • digital motors
  • vacuum system with frontal controls, conveniently located for the operator
  • axes “rapid” movements of up to 50 meters per minute in-line
  • tool store located on both internal sides of the machine
  • Iso 40 standard tool mounting shank
  • 4th c-axis (optional)
  • a spindle designed specifically for machining stone
  • the ultimate generation of the Siemens Sinumerik 840d sl computer numerical control (cnc)

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  • Head for milling and honing grooves, even on inclined surfaces, with relative toolholder
  • Head for machining hole sinks with 90° corners (zero radius) and polished internal grooving, with relative toolholder
  • Laser projector for working piece shape and pads on the working table
  • Contact probing system to measure the thickness of polished pieces
  • Vertical-blade cutting head
  • Double-acting vacuum cups
  • Aluminum work table provided with grooves for mechanical fastening of vacuum pads
  • Mechanical blockable suction cups
  • Polishing of thick workpieces
  • ROBOCUP system for the automatic positioning of the vacuum cups on the table (Breton patent)
For more details see the catalogue here >


Smartcam Countertops
The CAD/CAM software for the production of countertops and kitchentops on countoring centers

The machine data collection and monitoring solution

The most advanced modular solution aiming at managing the whole kitchen top production cycle

Contourbreton NC 300 Rotary

The new external layout immediately sets this machine apart from its predecessor.

This evolution makes it possible to control the machining centre completely from just one side, thanks to the new front worktable changeover mode.

Production performance can be further increased thanks to the reduced table changeover time available by selecting the automatic doors open/close option. This allows the operator to focus on the all-important task of setting up the worktable.


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