Breton Genya is the monoblock 5 axis machining center for cutting, drilling and finishing ceramic slabs.
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Main features

  • No foundations are required
  • Single-piece structure in galvanized steel
  • Front doors to CE standards, with manual opening with large transparent doors, in thermoformed ABS with sound absorbent foam, internally reinforced by a steel structure;
  • Integrated camera facilitates 1 click capture imaging of the entire slab;
  • "Energy Management" system;
  • Cutting head rotation around its ± 190° vertical axis, driven by a digital brushless motor, and automatically tilts in every position from 0° to 90°;
  • Continuous laser trace for cutting alignment;
  • 13 kW spindle motor is controlled by inverter, with a working range between 1000 and 5000 rpm with paralleled efficiency of different  diameter blades, tool bits and finger bits;
  • Option to mount on tool spindle with a 1/2" gas connection (b) or finger bit tool;
  • Suction cup gripping system, positioned behind the rotating head, keeping the finger bit core mounted on the spindle;
  • Beam moved by a gantry rack-and-pinion system, driven by a digital brushless motor, creating quick and precise movements;
  • Cast iron spindle carriage driven by a digital brushless motor;
  • Vertical movements of the spindle carriage propelled on a ball recirculation guide system, driven by a digital brushless motor;
  • Tilting workbench in galvanized steel with a top covered in multilayer wood, rigidly fixed to the side shoulders;
  • Electronic probe for checking the blade diameter;
  • Slab thickness probe automatically corrects cutting dimensions for the perfect 45° miter;
  • Manually centralized lubrication system for moving parts with 3 convenient greasing points;
  • Famous Siemens 840SL PROGRAMMING AND MANAGEMENT UNIT giving the possibility to operate on two different levels, Easy or Advanced one.

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  • Automatic labelling system installed onboard the spindle
  • Supplementary electro-spindle
  • Belt table

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Vein matching
The software that enables planning slab cutting operations by simultaneously coupling 8 different slabs together, matching their veins.

The most advanced modular solution aiming at managing the whole kitchen top production cycle.


Smart Pack Genya

Breton, aware about the current challenges, intends to concretely support the reactivation of its partners' business.

For this reason until next December 31st, 2020, Breton includes the SMART PACK in the purchase of GENYA.
SMART PACK enables companies to quickly reactivate the complete processing of slabs into finished products while overcoming, at the same time, the health restrictions due to the presence of workers in the same place at the same time
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