Breton SpA boosts its presence in the ceramic segment with Tecnema Technology Srl

Breton SpA, the Treviso-based world-leading manufacturer of natural and engineered stone processing machines and systems, honing/polishing and cutting machines for ceramic tiles and high-speed machining centres for the automotive and aerospace industries, is now boosting its presence in the ceramic segment by acquiring the majority stake in Tecnema Technology srl, based in Maranello.

The operation was conducted in tune with Ing. Umberto Fava, stakeholder and founder, and creates the conditions for a synergic cooperation between Breton and Tecnema aimed at increasing the group’s presence in the ceramic segment, with the purpose of decisively achieving leadership in all mechanical finishing phases for ceramic tiles and slabs.
With Umberto and Alessandro, the Fava family will continue to be the managing and propulsive partner within the company.


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