Breton SmartDOC is the innovative cross-platform software to find and safely share any technical contents, such as manuals, documents, videos or notes.

  • the whole technical documentation is available anywhere, anytime, always updated, even, for example, on board the machine
  • a complete video tutorial repository about any operation or maintenance service you have to realize
  • a safe and encrypted custom area to store and selectively share confidential contents such as designs or any other important documents
  • SmartDoc totem, an additional and dedicated workstationan equipped with a large touch screen, a secondary keyboard and mouse and a tablet platform


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DOCView is the web-application that allows to surf through the technical documentation: each viewed page can be customised adding personal notes, photos, videos or other contents.

The technical documentation is automatically updated to latest available official version.

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DOCMobile is the app that makes possible consulting technical documentation alongside the machine on a tablet or smartphone.

Thanks to the need to unlock the system using the QR code shown in DOCView, the documentation is safe against possible unauthorized disclosure attempts.

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MyDOC is the app that allows you to upload your company documentation and store it on a dedicated cloud.

MyDOC provides your business with a method of sharing its files while keeping them safe and allowing them to be consulted also offline.


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