Breton XpressTop is the most advanced modular solution aiming at managing the whole kitchentop production cycle.
                        a. Inventory
                        b. Sales
                        c. Design
                        d. Production


  • increases accuracy with the automatic generation of a mistake-proof bill of materials
  • automates the entire process, expediting your sales and production cycle
  • tracks orders throughout each stage of production, granting you total transparency on the status of every projectyour shop is working on
  • schedules the selection & purchase of raw materials in accordance with established delivery dates
  • saving resources through extremely efficient process management
  • eliminates the need for expensive specialized personnel by flawlessly managing and communicating between each stage of production into completion without the restraints of human error and related costs
  • prioritizes orders and scheduling that may affect the timely production

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The INVENTORY module performs real-time tracking of your entire shops inventory, starting at the very beginning with slab purchasing orders and raw material management.

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The SALES module is to simplify and expedite the sales process through an integrated Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) that automates quotes, production orders, and scheduling of activities.

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The DESIGN module is tailor-made around the unique demands of your engineering department enabling limitless creativity with a state of art CAD interface, complete with an entire library of templates from which to build upon.

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The PRODUCTION module is a tool that allows you to program, schedule and monitor all the different steps of your project.
From the “production sheet” it is possible to trace the raw materials and all the components utilized, monitoring in real-time the actual status of human resources, providing to the machine operators all the scheduling activities to be performed.
Also allow to monitor and trace the status of the all pieces (finished or not) and the machine operator activities in order to minimize mistakes.
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