Breton research unit, the innovation starts here

23 July, 2019
The continuous technological evolution of Breton plant and machinery allows customers to remain market leaders with production technologies and aesthetic effects that are always cutting-edge.
Breton possesses absolutely exclusive know-how, the result of continuous research and innovation begun when the company was founded in 1963.
Numerous patents protect the ideas, solutions, technologies and equipment that Breton makes available to its customers, safeguarding them from unfair competition.
You can count on an important and toplevel Research Centre and a team of highly qualified professionals specialised in chemistry, physics and mechanics.
Through sophisticated research tools, a fully-equipped engineering laboratory, and partnerships with Italian universities and international research institutions allow our teams to develop new products, new production processes and new technologies each year.
In the department attached to the Research Centre, technicians study the theoretical and practical principles which are then applied to the concrete use of the plant.


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