Breton Smart BI, the business intelligence for plants

16 July, 2019
We are now aware that data is value and that analysing related data allows us to create knowledge useful for optimising productivity and reducing waste. Breton offers an organic solution specifically designed for plants which, via a computerised system already integrated in the machines, collects, organises and analyses all the data from the plants.

The SMART BI application collects data in real time enabling analysis of production performance with quantitative and qualitative values. Through historical analysis comparing the different production batches, it can increase the percentage of first choice slabs. The reports generated are intuitive and easy to interpret: making effective decisions quickly will no longer be a problem with this support.

SMART BI can be consulted from any device connected to the internet at any time. The benefits in terms of plant productivity and increased quality of the finished product are extensive, and future developments of SMART BI indicate further improvements.
All the applications developed by Breton for Industry 4.0 are gathered in a single, functional suite called Breton DigiHUB.
The suite offers modular solutions that can be customised to your needs.
SMART BI is an application specifically designed or engineered stone plants.


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