Breton Terastone® Cement, large blocks for zero waste

2 July, 2019
Breton Terastone® BLOCKS
Breton Terastone® Block plants manufacture large engineered stone blocks with stone materials composing up to 94% of the weight of the finished product, using resin or cement as a binder.

The blocks are 308 x 125 cm in size with a depth of 75 cm, and are then cut into slabs.
The production capacity of the plant varies from 2,000 to 3,000 m2 per day.

Large blocks offer numerous advantages.
The blocks can generate slabs with dimensions of up to 125 x 305 cm.
The technology also allows aggregates of up to 90 mm in diameter to be transformed for palladiana-style processing which would otherwise be impossible.

Waste stone products from quarries and factories are recycled 100%, generating true “zero waste” and perpetuating the concept of technology with a strong focus on the recovery of materials that is inherent in Breton patents.


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