Breton Terastone®

25 June, 2019
Breton Terastone® TILES
Breton Terastone® plants manufacture thin and monolayer medium size slabs and tiles produced using the technology of “vibration under vacuum”, which allows for excellent compacting of the particles of stone material.
In the uniformly compacted mass, the resulting concentration of material is higher than 72%.

The mixture is composed of stone aggregates, thin mineral fillers and an inorganic binder.
The binder used is Portland cement, mixed with water to a water/cement ratio usually not higher than 0.30, and with the addition of normal fluidifying agents commonly used in the concrete mixtures.
Average production output, depending on the model and configuration of the plant, varies from 520 m2 to 2,700 m2 per day.
The slabs have maximum dimensions of 68x153 cm, with a finished thickness that can vary from 15 to 35 mm.

The tiles are sized at 30x30 cm, 40x40cm, 40x60cm, or 60x60 cm, with a finished thickness that can vary, depending on the size, from 9.5 to 30 mm. The slabs can be sold as they are or processed into finished products.
BRETON TERASTONE AVANTGARDE® is manufactured with fine siliceous grains, ideal for contemporary surfaces with a uniform color tone.

BRETON TERASTONE AVANTGARDE® with HI-TECH manufacturing technology improves the Breton Terastone Classic® with new exclusive technical features:
• higher mechanical resistance
• higher resistance to stains and chemical agents
• greater dimensional stability
• greater resistance to frost
• free from carbonation and efflorescence phenomena
• free from alkali / silica reaction phenomena


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