Bretonstone Cement® slab plant, new horizons for cement

9 July, 2019
The Bretonstone Cement® plants produce large-sized slabs made by combining and compacting stone aggregates and cementitious binder with “vibrocompression vacuum technology”.

The stone mix is made of stone aggregates, fine mineral particlesand “eco-hydraulic” bonding agent. Slabs measure from 125x306 cm to 165x335 cm, with finished thickness ranging from 12 mm to 30 mm. Slabs can be sold as they are or can be transformed into finished products to the size required.

The stone fraction is up to 70% of the weight of the finished product and is composed by either siliceous materials (quartz, quartzite, granite, porphyry, sand, etc.) or calcareous materials (marble, limestone, dolomite, etc.).

Stone grits are bound by an “ecohydraulic” matrix made by Portland cement class I, water and specific additives.
The production capacity may range from 1.500 square metres up to 2.400 square metres per day (24 hours).
Technical features

Bretonstone Cement® features:
• high mechanical resistance
• high scratch resistance
• UV ray resistance (excellent for outdoor application)
• fireproof
• low thermal dilatation modulus
• minimal water absorption

The outstanding technical and aesthetic features and large sizes make Bretonstone Cement® slabs used across a broad range of applications: external cladding material, large panels for interior cladding, interior decoration,vanity tops and kitchen counters, prestigious floors and stairs, raised floors.


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