Lotte Advanced Materials chooses Breton

19 January, 2019
For this reason Lotte consulted Breton that, after analyzing the structure of the plant and customer goals, proposed the replacement of a big portion of the existing chinese machinery.
In May 2018, after a record installation time, the new Bretonstone plant started production with full customer satisfaction.
On one hand the market today demands products with increasing intrinsic and aesthetical quality, that replicates the charm of the natural exotic granites.
On the other hand the new owner, Lotte, wanted to update the production structure increasing capacity and efficiency of the plants.
Formerly owned by Samsung, in 2017 it was bought by LOTTE group, one of the top 5 industrial groups in South Korea, that immediately started a machinery update program.
Lotte Advanced Materials quit former supplier and chooses Breton to produce sophisticated natural quartz surfaces.
Lotte Advanced Materials is a company in South Korea producing acrylic solid surface since 1993 and quartz slabs since 2009.


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