Quartz surfaces inspired by nature

11 June, 2019
The latest market trends in reproducing in quartz slabs the art that nature express in the natural marbles, inspired the development of the ROY system: a group of multiaxis robots that realise on the slab a wide range of full body veins.
The soft veins that made Carrara white marble famous thanks to the work of celebrated renaissance artists, the intense colour of black Marquina with its light, fine veins providing a sophisticated, elegant touch, and finally the unique lines of precious natural stone, were the inspiration of our research.
These versatile machines are easy to programme via a simple and intuitive software interface that allows you to imagine and recreate the wonders of nature, but also to design veins of different widths and across the entire depth of the material.
In short, ROY system offers remarkable options: you can create any type of design, logo and figure.
Production includes unique, replicable, mirrored and bookmatch slabs.


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