Santa Margherita SpA started its third Bretonstone quartz slab production plant

19 December, 2018
Last September, Santa Margherita SpA, a leading company for engineered quartz and marble, started its third Bretonstone quartz slab production plant entrusting its design and setting up to Breton, its strategic partner for 40 years.
It is a global EUR 22-million investment that allows Santa Margherita to increase its production capacity on the one hand, and on the other hand to create unprecedented aesthetic solutions with new colours and finishing, boosting its ability to challenge the fierce foreign competition.
The new made-in-Breton plant is definitely cutting-edge; it allows the fabrication of large “jumbo” slabs, up to 166 cm in width and 333 cm in length.
The plant is 100 m long and occupies entirely the dedicated warehouse.
Santa Margherita also implemented in its production two further Breton polishing lines.

The investment is included in the state “Industry 4.0” initiative and represents an element of continuity for Santa Margherita, which is proceeding in its own triennial investment program.
According to Santa Margherita’s industrial plan, 2018 should be closed with an income exceeding 56 millions — +4% on 2017 — 85% of which coming from orders from the 5 continents; the income for 2019 should be incremented with further 3 millions and its workforce increased by 9 units, to reach 170 employees from the current 161.
These business goals are the result of a consolidated growth trend for Santa Margherita: in the last 18 years its turnover has doubled, also thanks to the installation of the first two Bretonstone quartz production plants.
This will allow Santa Margherita to strengthen and increase its position as a reference international player in engineered quartz and marble slabs production for interior design.
In fact, Santa Margherita has been producing extraordinary surfaces from natural stone for over 50 years in its plants located in Valpolicella, the fascinating area between lake Garda and Verona.
Precious marble granules of different size, consistence and colour are expertly mixed with high-quality resins, certified and tested for use in architecture and interior design. The results are stunning, versatile and technologically advanced surfaces.

In contrast, Bretonstone quartz slabs are created from accurately selected sands and resins, and then undergo a sophisticated machining process; they meet the demanding international standards required for use in domestic environments and kitchen tops that will enter into contact with food.


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