BRETON EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY for manufacturing large-sized compound stone slabs bonded with the most advanced cementitious binder

BRETONSTONE CEMENT® slabs feature superior characteristics in the sector of cement-based products for building and architecture: they stand out for their excellent technical characteristics, refined ap-pearance and the numberless obtainable colour effects.

Breton exclusive patented technology allows manufacturing slabs with a very high content of stone aggregates and a low percentage of high-density and high-resistance binding paste so as to give the slabs outstanding technical characteristics:

-    very low porosity and consequent low water absorption
-    high resistance to freezing/thawing cycles
-    high resistance to buckling stresses
-    high resistance to wear
-    resistance UV rays
-    incombustibility (non-flammability)

All these characteristics make the BRETONSTONE CEMENT® slabs an extraordinary product for the most varied applications in modern building and furnishing.


The BRETONCEMSTONE® plants produce large-sized slabs which are made by combining and compacting the materials using Breton patented “vibrocompression vacuum technology”. The stone mix consists of stone aggregates, fine mineral particles and “eco-hydraulic” bonding agent. Slabs sizes measure up to 14 0x308 cm, with finished thickness ranging from 9.5 mm to 30 mm.

Slabs can be sold as they are or can be transformed into finished products to the size required.The stone materials constitute up to 70% of the weight of the finished product and are in general either siliceous (quartz, quartzite, granite, porphyry, sand, etc.) or calcareous (marble, limestone, dolomite, etc.) with sizes ranging up to 6-8 mm.

Stone grits are bonded by an “eco-hydraulic” binding matrix consisting in a mix of inorganic hydraulic binding agents, including Portland cement class I, and a water-dispersed polymeric binder. The production rate, depending on the plant model, varies from 1.000 square metres up to 2.400 square metres per working day.


Thanks to their outstanding technical and aesthetic features and to their large sizes, BRETONCEMSTONE® slabs are used across a broad range of applications:

- large panels for exterior and interior cladding
- interior decoration
- vanity tops and kitchen counters
- prestigious floors and stairs
- raised floors

BRETONCEMSTONE® manufacturing process is environmentally friendly: this product does not release or produce any form of allergen making it ideal for any location.

BRETONCEMSTONE® contains a very high percentage of natural stone which is crushed waste stone left over in quarries; the product organic component, absolutely solvent-free, is less than 3% by weight and ensures product non-flammability.

BRETONCEMSTONE®: Ideal for exterior cladding

Some of the features that make BRETONCEMSTONE® excel are: high mechanical resistance, UV ray resistant, non-flammability, reduced thermal dilation and minimal water absorption. These characteristics make this product an excellent external cladding material.

BRETONCEMSTONE® can be installed as large-sized panel of limited thickness facilitating handling as well as offering the advantage of utilising cost-effective mounting fixtures. Depending on project requirements and type of building, BRETONCEMSTONE® panels can be fixed to the mounting fixtures utilising conventional systems for natural stone or other solutions like, for instance, our “Bretonfix®”.

“Bretonfix®” is the exclusive system designed and developed by Breton which is safe, secure and practical. It consists of threaded metal inserts cast into the BRETONCEMSTONE® mix during slab casting.


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