BRETONTERASTONE AVANTGARDE® is a Bretonterastone cured at high temperatures and pressures and manufactured with siliceous aggregate (quartz, granite etc.) bonded with a cement paste composed of Portland cement and a natural pozzolanic high-reactivity bonding agent.

BRETONTERASTONE AVANTGARDE® is a GREEN PRODUCT free from any organic additive, same as BRETONTERASTONE Classic®.
BRETONTERASTONE AVANTGARDE® thanks to its HI-TECH manufacturing technology has improved technical features compared to BRETONTERASTONE Classic®, and exceptional technical features compared to traditional terrazzo tiles:

- has higher mechanical resistance
- has higher resistance to stains and chemical agents
- has greater dimensional stability
- has greater resistance to frost
- is free from carbonation and efflorescence phenomena - is free from alkali / silica reaction phenomena
BRETONTERASTONE AVANTGARDE® is a Bretonterastone manufactured with fine siliceous grains, ideal for creating modern, fashionable, high performing surfaces with a uniform colour tone.

BRETONTERASTONE AVANTGARDE® , is manufactured in single layer, thin, cement base tiles and small slabs, same as. BRETONTERASTONE Classic®.


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