A coffee with Tushya Jatia - Artizia's Executive Director

13 April, 2021
Discover what Tushya Jatia - Executive Director of Artizia told us about the decision to enter the E-Stone Industry, the long-term strategy and the focus on new product development.
ASI Industries Ltd. (hereby referred to as ASI) was founded in 1945 in India, in the state of Rajasthan and it is one of the world’s largest stone mining companies – specialized in Kotah Stone. Their UAE branch, Al-Rawasi Rocks & Aggregate LLC., Fujarah, was a pioneer in the production and supply of a broad range of high-quality limestone rocks.
In 2018, ASI was looking for an alternative business to broaden its portfolio and improve its worldwide presence with export activities. This business had to be in the field of building materials so that they could use the knowledge gained in the stone industry.
The first option was a porcelain slabs plant but, after deep research, they found out that the Indian market was already congested and thus they shifted into an extremely profitable business: Engineered Quartz.
Just a few years later, in 2020, ASI installed its first Bretonstone® plant in Jaipur and branded it Artizia.
“We delved into the businesses we were interested in and we discovered that quartz E-Stone was a promising product with a brilliant future. We chose Breton as a technological partner because it is the best in the industry and owns the patented technology.” Tushya Jatia, Artizia’s Executive Director, says.
Nowadays, ASI Industries employs more than 5.000 people just in India and will enter soon the global E-Stone industry with its quartz product.

Worldwide the Engineered Stone market is growing constantly, and the demand for products is higher than the offer. This is one of the reasons why E-Stone business is still considered a valid business to enter into by new players.
Tushya Jatia reminds the period in which they were deciding whether the E-Stone business was the right for them “We had the first contact with Breton in 2018 and we had the opportunity to visit some working plants. At that time, we were still looking for the best partner for the supply of the machinery. I was fascinated by Bretonstone® technology and I must admit that even if I was expecting to see some things in the plant, I was surprised. On the one hand, it was a new process but, on the other, I didn’t have trouble understanding the whole process, because of my experience in the stone industry. I was shocked by the scale and the production area… they were a lot bigger than I expected!”

ASI’s request was a compact plant, easy to manage and able to produce the most trending patterns nowadays.
 “We studied this plant together, adapting our ideas and goals to the original Bretonstone® plant. We wanted a plant that could enable us to focus on product development, making different and exclusive designs if compared to what the market is offering. The quartz market is indeed characterized by constant growth but still, there is quite a big offer. You should be different.” Tushya Jatia tells us.

Artizia quartz has just born and Tushya Jatia has already clear in mind which are the target markets where to be present. He says “We decided to put the facility in a specific economic zone. Our primary interest is to create a solid export market, diversifying our portfolio, and creating a sales network all over the world. The biggest market is certainly the United States, and this is going to be our main focus. Other markets to target are Australia and, of course, the national market, India.
“Since we invested in 2018, the scenario has changed consistently,” pointed out Tushya Jatia “A Few months later there was a big shift in the American market with the anti-dumping policies against Chinese products. India was another country under the magnifying glass, and this led to a lot of distraction in the market. We were really worried but luckily it turned out well.
Additionally, the following year, we have been strongly affected by the Covid pandemic. We planned to start the production in April 2020 but, due to the strict limitations connected to the Covid pandemic, it wasn’t possible and we ended up with a delay of 8 months. In all this time, Breton helped us very much and, even though remote assistance, it has always provided us adequate support. Despite Covid’s prolongation, we arranged the assistance with Breton technician, and we were able to start the production in Oct 2020.
It has been a hard journey till now, but I think we’re about to get ready. There’s a huge potential from the market side and alongside us. Now, we’re ready.”

Being a new player means having a clear focus and Tushya Jatia highlights that “Artizia wants to produce unique designs and patterns, we would like to produce something that no one can do. Our focus is on the production capacity and the new designs. Till now, we’ve developed 20 designs and we’re working on new designs for the market.
In the first moment, the reference markets will be Canada and America, later we’ll expand our export.
Today, in the whole company we are 120 people. In our production and development area, there are 10 extremely qualified people who are devoted to the company’s vision and proud to work in a plant using Bretonstone® technology.
They believe Breton is a brand, a lineage, and everyone is excited to work in a Bretonstone® plant, this is the main reason why it wasn’t hard to find the right people.

We hope to be a breath of fresh air in the market and to be inspirational. Maybe, in a couple of years, we’ll order another Bretonstone® plant.”



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