Inauguration of Guidoni's Bretonstone® plant in Spain

Guidoni's Topzstone samples
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4 November, 2019
Inauguration of the second Bretonstone Production Line

A new page in Guidoni's history - Our talk with Rafael Guidoni
During the opening ceremony of his second Breton’s Engineered Stone plant, Rafael Guidoni said that Guidoni entrepreneurial dream started over 25 years ago, when in 1989 Mineração Guidoni was founded in Sao Domingo do Norte, in Brasil. In the beginning, the focus was on the natural stone business, from the extraction to the selling of the products and nowadays, Guidoni group is considered one of the greatest references in the natural stone industry.  

Bretonstone plant Naron
Explaining us the reasons why they expand their business in the quartz industry, Rafael said “In 2015, we realized that the quartz business was growing really fast, through the same channels as natural stone. Firstly, we considered it as a threat for our business but then, after a careful analysis of the market trends, we understood that the product was strong and that it was supposed to constantly grow. We wanted to learn more about the product and the productive process in order to enter the market.
Therefore, we decided to invest in quartz by buying Chinese machinery which was supposed to be installed in our plant in Brasil.
Later on, while I was travelling in Italy for business, I discovered the possibility to purchase a Bretonstone® plant in Naron, at that time owned by a Work Union after the failing experience with the previous owner. After just 3 moths we bought it!
In Brasil, meanwhile, the Chinese plant didn’t give the promised results in quality and performance, creating a lot of troubles.” …

Going back to that memory, Rafael Guidoni explained us the clear discrepancy between Breton and Chinese machinery and he told us that this bad investment was a big learning for him, stating that “… when you want to get into a new industrial business you need a partner with a deep know-how and knowledge of the production process. It is not sufficient just the equipment, but you need also the knowledge and the support.” 
Today, Guidoni Group has achieved another important milestone in its business history: the inauguration of the second Breton line at the Guidoni Quartz factory, in Spain.
The new line of Breton machinery has the most modern and current features for the production of Quartz – enabling Guidoni to manufacture Jumbo and veined slabs.
This new Bretonstone® plant will double the production capacity allow
ing Guidoni to enter
into Quartz Engineered Stone key players worldwide with its product Topzstone.
Guidoni's Topzstone
The installation of the new plant follows Guidoni’s global growth vision and it is aimed to strengthen their presence and product in the European market. Their technicians are working hard together with Breton team and they are ready to propose new products line and patterns to the market.

A new era of Topzstone in about to start.

The next step in Guidoni’s strategy is to set-up a new Bretonstone® plant in USA to better serve the North American market, intensifying its presence globally.

We wish to all the Guidoni Team the best for their new projects.



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