Terastone wins the Design Wall Award!

14 November, 2017
During the latest edition of Acetech Mumbai, renowned manufacturer Niranjan Hiranandani has awarded the Design Wall Award to Breton for Terastone, the technology which allows to recycle waste from marble and granite quarries producing high quality slabs and tiles.
The Design Wall Award is a prize awarded by a jury of renowned architects to the most innovative products at Acetech.

Acetech is the largest Indian building material fair.

“Breton decided to participate to Acetech in order to support the campaign to raise awareness of Terastone Decor and Terastone Avantgarde in the Indian market.
We met more than a hundred architects working in the Mumbai area who appreciated the product and expressed the will to use it in their projects.
Architects and industry operators were particularly impressed by the "Travertino" designed and built in Terastone Avantgarde by Breton Research Center. They could not believe it was made of quartz and cement!”.


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