Ample scope of automation of Breton's machining centres:

Getting the picture? The radical potential for automation has led to the success of Breton machining centres.
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Requirement: to use the largest possible number of tools while occupying the minimum possible space.

Machining centresBreton Maxima 1600 and Breton Maxima 2000 K80
Solutions: a tower type tool magazine with more than 200 positions (DIN 69893-1 toolholder: HSK-A100, toolholder for turning: Capto C8) for a machine capable of processing parts of up to 3500 mm in diameter.
An even more evolved solution features a rack tool magazine for the Maxima 2000, a machine with 6 continuous axes and length of 8 metres, likewise having a 200 position magazine. This solution offers guaranteed high productivity and exploitation of the footprint in the horizontal direction, with a robot that picks up the tool and transfers it to a tool changer that mounts it in the spindle.
Almost all Breton vertical machining centres can be controlled from a remote workstation and can operate automatically in unmanned conditions 24 hours/day. In compliance with customer requirements alerts can be sent via text messages to cell phones/smartphones or notifications can be transmitted to PCs, informing users if the machine enters alarm status.
- Requirement: the customer needed to handle and machine larger size workpieces, typically components for aircraft forward fuselage.
- Machining centreBreton Flymill 1300 2T K30     

- SolutionBreton answered the request of its customer TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) by building a total of 3 tailor-made machining centres equipped with a double machining area for pendulum mode production operations.        
This solution means that the operator can set up the worktable in conditions of absolute safety while the machine is processing another part.
- Requirement: the customer needed a machine capable of performing roughing and finishing of large size aerospace components with an exponential reduction of cycle times.
- Machining centreBreton Maxima 1600      
- SolutionBreton recently supplied a primary company operating in the aerospace sector with a machining centre with a heads changer, equipped with both a high torque milling spindle (480 Nm (S6) and 14,000 rpm) suitable for roughing, and a finishing spindle (94 Nm (S6) and 28,000 rpm) capable of performing both work processes on the same machine, also simultaneously (the machine is equipped with two bridges and is 16 metres in length): a Breton Flymill 1600 HD K160. Two in one: two machines in a shared structural frame. The video clip shows an example of a heads changeover cycle on a Breton Maxima 1600.
Requirement: to process different parts automatically with multiple machines at full production output for milling and turning of aircraft components made of Inconel.
SolutionBreton designed and supplied to Piaggio Aerospace 6 bespoke Ultrix 800 machining centres featuring special ergonomic solutions for perfect accessibility of the workpiece, equipped with a total of 5 pallet changer stations (4 loading stations and 1 changeover station) and a manipulator.  
The result is a multi-pallet solution characterised by a highly compact layout and palletization area. Watch the video clip for details of these machining centres.
The micrometric precision of Breton machine tools is possible also thanks to the latest generation of adjustable pallet centring systems. Integrated devices with pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic connections to supply the tooling.
Flexibility is the watchword. Companies in the aerospace sector, subcontractors, automotive companies, or toolmakers; Breton routinely supplies tailor-made solutions to its customers.
Everyone has different requirements: that’s why the Breton range of vertical machining centres features different possible automations.
Automation also means the ability to comply with production and market requirements, and hence the needs of your customers.      
The constant demand for versatile machines with automated production management systems has driven Breton to develop ad hoc solutions to allow companies operating in a diversity of sectors to produce high precision parts more reliably and faster.
This sometimes involves integrating Breton machining centres in legacy FMS systems, connecting them to multiple machines, also made by other manufacturers, combined in compliance with automatic and shared pallet handling systems, minimizing idle times and operator interventions.
Reduce the time required to change the pallet thanks to setup during production supplied as a standard feature.      
The requirement was for series production of the same part on a machining centre while achieving significant reductions of production time.
Solution: implementation of a new automatic system for changeover of the workpiece holder pallet on the machine's trunnion table with pick-up/placing at a single station, for the production of titanium components (rings) for aircraft engines. A machine offering exceptional performance: the pallet changing cycle occurs in less than 60 seconds.
- Requirement: FMS integration with machine capable of handling parts with ease in an automotive components production company, i.e. in a highly competitive market.
- Machining centreBreton Ultrix 800 and Breton Xceeder 900 

- Solution: for ultra-quick workpiece loading and unloading Breton supplied a primary manufacturer with two machining centres equipped with a humanoid robot for installation in a production line (integrating the FMS). This solution allows the robot to operate with ease in any position (running on tracks), thereby maximising the performance of these two machining centres which are employed for the production of moulds. The Breton Xceeder machines can accept dynamic loads of up to 2000 kg on each pallet and static loads of up to 2500 kg.


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