A technological leader in the high performance multipurpose machining centres
The company occupies a land area of approx. 81.000 m2, of which 40.000 are covered, and employs about 680 persons. Breton has been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certification and the ISO 14001 Certification. In the nineties, Breton forced its way in the field of high speed numerical control machining centres, becoming in few years one of the most important manufacturers in the world. Breton's machining centres stand out and are well-known thanks to their top technological level, superior production performances, groundbreaking solutions and undisputed quality of the product/service system offered to its customers.

Breton holds the exclusive right on the "Metalquartz" technology applied to the sector of high speed machining centres, which allowed to considerably increase the machining performances. In the course of time, Breton developed a full range of machining centres, that satisfy all the requirements of the following industrial sectors: Aerospace, Defence, Aeronautics, Automotive, Naval, Motor Racing, Gears, Energy, Die, Automotive and Naval Modelling and Prototyping, General Manufacturing Industry.
A farsighted company
Breton S.p.A. developed and stood out on the market thanks to its winning philosophy always oriented towards research and development, ongoing improvement, innovation and high-grade quality of its products and services.

This philosophy, greatly desired by the owners, is in fact adopted by all the people working inside the company, which have contributed - and keep on contributing each and every day - to the success of the company thanks to their creativity and devotion.

Breton's organizational structure and the fact it has always worked respecting quality standards both in its in-house organization and throughout the manufacturing process phases, allow us to offer the customers top quality products and services.

We were the first company in the field to receive the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Certification in 1992. We have then been awarded the UNI EN ISO 9001 - VISION 2000 Quality Certification in 2003 and the ISO 14001/2004 Certification in 2008.
The Owners
Breton was first established in 1963 by Marcello Toncelli, who perceived the enormous potential in developing a market which was absolutely innovative and at the time practically unexplored in the engineering sector.

The founder's farsighted entrepreneurship and his enormous aptitude for developing groundbreaking ideas were the assets that enabled the company to rapidly grow becoming a first-rate industrial reality in just few years, and later to become the world front-line leader. In the nineties, Breton forced its way in the field of high speed numerical control machining centres, becoming in few years one of the world most important manufacturers.

Breton S.p.A. is under the control of Luca and Dario Toncelli, which run the company with the collaboration of the founder's long-time partner, Roberto Chiavacci, who holds the office of Vice President of the Board of Directors.
Customer value
The company has always focalised its attention on the Customer, offering modern, precise and efficient services as an essential complement to the high-quality and high-performance machines supplied.
Right from the first contact and throughout the commercial relationship, Breton is always by the customer's side to help find the right solutions by selecting the appropriate product, providing assistance when setting up the production site and installing the machines, training the operators, transferring the technical know-how, and finally providing the after-sales technical support. Breton only uses qualified staff experienced in their specific fields and who are always there for the customer.
Our company is dedicated to research.

Our chemical-physical laboratory and our mechanical and electronic design departments develop new ideas for products, processes and manufacturing technologies.

The ever-innovating technological content of our machines and plants enables us to maintain our status as market leader in all our company activities.
Design & production
All mechanical, electronic and electric design is developed in-house in order to ensure a total technological control. A team of engineers and specialized technicians ensures ongoing product development. Machine design is developed utilizing the modern CAD-CAE technology to ensure fast results. And it is in this department that innovative ideas take on form to be then transformed into products.

Our products are mostly manufactured in-house utilizing advanced computerized systems. In our production departments we have modern automatic machine tools and advanced manufacturing processes permitting us to achieve very high-standards of quality and at the same time reduce production times trying to achieve the cost savings required by the market. Excellent craftsmanship, regular quality controls on goods in entry and rigid final testing all ensure the renowned performance and reliability of Breton machines and plants.
To be Breton Customer means to choose quality, efficiency and excellence not only of machines and plants but also of complementary services.

We provide our customers with a qualified pre-sale advice, an efficient installation and start-up service and a thorough training to operators in order to optimize the machine running. Finally, an excellent after-sale service composed of at least 50 technicians in charge with the installation and assistance at the Customers' site and of a staff of in-house technicians for the "on-line" solution of the problems, completes the package offered.

Our parts department, always adequately maintained, enables us to respond to Customers' requests from all over the world very quickly. A network of external authorized workshops located throughout the world allows us to expedite Customers' requests for spare parts and assistance in a more timely and widespread manner.