EAGLE - 5-axis vertical high-speed machining centre designed for milling light alloys, composite materials and resin

BRETON launches  EAGLE, a new range of high-speed 5-axes cnc milling machining  centres with a gantry design and highly-dynamic mobile crossbeam specifically designed and developed for machining  composite materials, resin, light alloys and the ideal solution for high-speed production requirements and for precision 5-axis  milling operations on the five faces of the workpiece in just one setup.     

EAGLE has  choice of configurations allowing you to perform complex machining jobs with maximum flexibility, performance and efficiency with work ranges spanning from 2000x2500x1000 mm to 10500x5000x2500 mm and over.
Maximum production flexibility thanks to the possibility of setting up the work area for machining single pieces or for shuttle batch operations.

Maximum operational flexibility thanks to improved visibility of the work area and to the double access, front and rear, facilitating loading and unloading operations, tooling and machining monitoring.
The ideal solution for machining medium and large size workpieces and perfect for creating models, for contouring plastic, composites, sandwich materials as well as for machining complex workpieces in light alloys used across a number of  applications in the aerospace, model making and die manufacturing industries.

High-performance and machine dynamics thanks to the rigidity  of the gantry structure, symmetrical continuous 5-axis twist heads with a fork structure in robust cast-iron, to the range of powerful and fast electrospindles providing EAGLE with improved production flexibility and maximum machining precision whatever the operational conditions.
Versatile in machining from complex to intensive operations thanks to the 5-axis milling head with continuous axis C rotation and improved machining capacity of axis A for milling undercuts.  The powerful hydraulic brakes guarantee maximum stability and positioning of axes A and C during intensive machining operations.

The electrospindles are thermally stabilised, controlled and monitored by a purposely developed software for compensating thermal expansion and drift when operational and production conditions vary.


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